Ep. 14: Daryl Green – A Lesson in Overcoming Adversity.

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today I chat to Senior Sergeant Daryl Green, a courageous, educated, honest Australian policeman with great inner strength and values who experienced a life changing event on 1st May 2000. Daryl was shot in the face… twice!! What he did next is remarkable, and how he lives his life now is inspiring.
During this episode we discuss:
– Being shot in the face & shoulder
– Post traumatic stress disorder &…depression?
– Award for bravery – Valour award
– Recovering.
– What did Daryl find about himself?
– What gives Daryl inspiration?
– What books helped? Favourite ones?
Key Moments:
4.50 Getting shot in the face.
11.00 Highest Valour Award for Bravery.
12.40 Post Traumatic Stress, Depression & Anger.
15.45 Having courageous conversations.
20.54 What gives Daryl inspiration.
22.10 How your perspective changes.
28.00 Number one lesson in life.
Mentioned in this podcast:

Unbroken book

Touching the void book & movie
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