Ep.23: Derek Sivers – Speaker. Entrepreneur. Musician. Programmer. Student.

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Derek Sivers. Firstly I have to say I walked away from this conversation with Derek absolutely inspired!! Among other things Derek is a former circus clown, a music entrepreneur, has published 34 books, has done 3 TED Talks (with over 7 million views), is an introvert and minimalist and a very colourful and interesting guy! Like I said, I have been inspired and I’m sure you will be too. Enjoy!

During this episode we discuss:

– Selling a company.
– Being retired and a day in the life of Derek Sivers.
– Speaking on the TED stage.
– Does retirement inspire creativity?
– What impresses Derek about Tim Ferris
– Derek’s Bucket List

Key Moments:

[5.20] What does a guy like Derek write on his immigration card?
[8.00] Why Derek believes people find him interesting.
[10.20] A TED realisation.
[12.00] Doing the TED talks and who was in the room!
[15.20] Selling a company and retiring.
[16.30] What is needed to create great things.
[18.25] A day in the life of Derek Sivers
[31.00] Tim Ferris
[36.50] Derek’s Bucket List

Mentioned in this podcast:

Dereks site: https://sivers.org/
Contact details: derek@sivers.org
Check out Derek’s 3 main TED talks: http://www.ted.com/speakers/derek_sivers
Derek’s best selling bookAnything You Want

Remit Sethihttp://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/
Rob Walling BookStart Small Stay Small
Tim Ferris: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Ferriss

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