Ep.29: Chris Manak – Relationship Coach.

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Chris Manak. Chris is a Relationship Coach.. but was recently called “The Love Guru” on the Today Show (which he hated). He helps guys pick-up women… sorry girls. That being said, you will definitely learn a thing or two about the male psyche on this podcast. It was a lot of fun recording this podcast and I’m sure you will enjoy listening! Don’t forget to subscribe and review if you haven’t already!!
During this episode we discuss:
– What’s you job description?
– What are the things that hold people back?
– What sorts of guys employ the services of a “Love Guru?” (inside joke as you’ll hear)
– What kinds of results have you achieved with your clients?
– Best success story?
– Best way to pick-up a girl? Best techniques?
– How do the skills & confidence that are gained transfer in the other areas of the men’s lives?
– What did you love & hate about the book “The Game”?
– Whats your thoughts on Tinder?
Key Moments:
[7.30] Being on Australia’s high rating “Today Show”.
[11.40] The success rate.
[12.40] Some of the best results! (including marriage).
[15.00] Where do guys get it wrong?
[20.30] Do you believe in “Batting above your average!”
[24.00] Thoughts on the book “The Game!” by Neil Strauss
[26.20] Thoughts on dating apps like Tinder.
[31.35] Plans for the future.
Mentioned in this podcast:
Chris on the Today Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an67tNGGsfA
Chris’ website: http://www.manicworkshops.com/
The Game (Book) by Neil Strauss
Tinder App: https://www.gotinder.com/
Sex At Dawn (Book) by Christopher Ryan
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