Ep.30: Graeme Cowan – Speaker. Author and Director of R U Ok?

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today I chat to Graeme Cowan, international speaker and author. Graeme is one of Australia’s leading experts in building resilience and engagement in the workplace. He is the director of the R U OK? movement which is the national depression initiative to get people asking each other “Are You Ok?”

During this episode we discuss:

– How did you arrive to do what you do today?
– As a friend or work colleague, how can we recognise that someone may be on the slippery slope towards depression?
– Stress in the workplace…how bad is it?
– Just how big is the problem of depression today & the effects?
– Describe the “Red, Yellow & the Green Zone” & how we can stay in the “Green Zone?”
– How can we get back in the “Green Zone” & find our “Green Zone Tribe?”
– You’ve helped create the National Suicide Prevention movement R U OK Day. Describe the movement?
– 4 steps to asking R U OK? Ask, Listen, Encourage, Follow-up.

Key Moments:

[7.00] Stress being a contributing factor to depression.
[8.30] Recognising the early signs of depression. The I.C.A.R.E approach
[11.30] How change in the workplace can have affect.
[12.00] The “Moodometer” and the Green Zone.
[14.30] How to get back into the “Green Zone”
[19.00] Finding quality people that are good for us.
[22.00] Asking “R U Ok?” and the “R U Ok Day”
[25.00] The 4 Steps to R U Ok?

Mentioned in this podcast:

RUOK?: https://www.ruok.org.au/
City Slickers: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101587/
Beyond Blue: https://www.beyondblue.org.au
Graeme’s website: http://graemecowan.com.au/
Back From The Brink Book
Back From The Brink Too

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