Ep.32: Peter Bland – Adventurer. Survivor. Coach. Philanthropist.

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Peter Bland. Peter is an absolute survivor!! Peter is an Antarctic expeditioner with an epic tail of survival to tell, he’s been to the Magnetic North and South Poles, Peter is a philanthropist, adventure, film maker and father!! Peter actually takes people down to the Antarctic, which is on lots of Bucket Lists… so well worth listening to!! Enjoy!!
During this episode we discuss:

– How did Peter start adventuring?
– What are all Peter’s adventures to date?
– Best adventure to date & why?
– Peter’s experience with an avalanche in the Antarctic & dropping 50 metres?
– Taking a Step Too Far, as per the title of Peter’s book?
– What is Shackelton’s Way & how Peter uses it for leadership training?
– What’s Peter’s next expedition?

Key Moments:

[8.20] Best adventure to date?
[10.30] How do adventurers fund their trips?
[12.20] Being involved by an avalanche
[17.30] The injuries sustained by the avalanche
[18.45] Peter’s best mate shows tremendous leadership and courage
[21.45] Explaining Shackelton’s Way
[25.30] How does Shackleton’s Way translate to our everyday life?

Mentioned in this podcast:

– Email trav@thebucketlistguy.com for info regarding Peter’s Antarctic expedition
– Peters website: http://www.leadershipgroup.com.au
Power of Now by Ekart Toll (Book)
– Ernest Shackleton: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Shackleton
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