Ep.33: Jeremy Watkins – Founder of the ProState Active cycling event for Prostate Cancer Foundation

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Jeremy Watkins. Jeremy is known as the “Purpose Professional”. Jeremy’s purpose is to help as many people as he can find their purpose and live the lives they really want. Secondly, to help businesses connect to their purpose, and find out the ‘WHY’ they are in the business they are in? Jeremy also runs the ProState Cycling Event which supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. This is a great episode that I know you will love. Enjoy!!
During this episode we discuss:
– Whats the Purpose Professional all about?
– How did the ProState Cycling Event start?
– Why did it start?
– Success to date?
– What are the plans for the future?
– What would Jeremy love to say from stage to a stadium full of people?
– What’s next on Jeremy’s BucketList?
Key Moments:
[6.00] About the Prostate Cycling Event.
[9.00] The idea to cycle from Perth to Margaret River.
[12.20] How the event runs and where to register.
[15.30] How the ride creates awareness for Prostate Cancer.
[20.45] Jeremy is looking for help.
[21.30] Passion and Persistence equals purpose.
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