Ep.34: David Lim – Motivational Speaker

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is David Lim. David is a motivational speaker. David chats to us about leading 2 tours up to Mount Everest, the challenges and what happened when he returned. What lessons Mt Everest taught him. David talks about the “Action Motivation Quadrant” which helps to bring dreams into reality. We chat about productivity and what he refers to as the Alpinist Attitude. David Lim is a globally recognised speaker… Put simply, this is a great episode! Enjoy!!

During this episode we discuss:

– Leading the 1st ever Singaporean Mt Everest Expedition, and the biggest challenges back in 1988?
– Gillian Barre Syndrome that left David disabled when he returned
– Getting back into climbing?
– Lessons from Everest?
– What’s the Wake-Up Test?
– The Action-Motivation Quadrant that brings dreams into reality?
– How the Alpinist Attitude helps you to do more with less?
– What’s the 1% rule for achievement?

Key Moments:

[3.30] The biggest challenges of climbing Everest as a team.
[4.55] Having to miss out on the summit and defending with an injury.
[7.50] Summit Fever… dealing with egos.
[11.00] Quality of the process.
[14.45] Feeling the affects of Everest after the expedition.
[15.50] Gillian Barre Syndrome.
[18.10] Returning to climbing

Mentioned in this podcast:
-David’s website: http://www.davidlimspeaks.com
-Gillian Barre Syndrome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillain%E2%80%93Barr%C3%A9_syndrome
-Cool Runnings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Runnings
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