Ep.35: Rabia Siddique – Lawyer. Army Officer. Survivor. Speaker.

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Rabia Siddique. Rabia is a criminal and human rights lawyer, British Army officer, terrorism and war crimes prosecutor, international humanitarian, hostage survivor, professional speaker, coach and best selling published author!!! This unbelieable story left me speechless. Which is rare!! It really was inspirational chat. If you are in need of a wake up call, or inspiration for life, than Rabia provides all that and more! Enjoy!!

During this episode we discuss:

– What do you put on your immigration card when entering a country?
– How did you grow up?
– How was your experience as a hostage?
– What kinds of speaking engagements do you get?
– How’s the book gone?
– If you could speak from a podium to a stadium full of people, what would you love to say & who would you choose to be in the audience?

Key Moments:

[6.15] Rabia’s story from the beginning.
[11.40] An adventure that changed the course of Rabia’s life.
[16.40] In the Army. Getting the call up.
[21.50] Being in a hostage situation.
[25.20] Stepping out of the comfort zone for the greater good.
[38.50] Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
[50.30] Becoming a parent.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Equal Justice Book: http://www.rabiasiddique.com/products

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