Episode 10. Trav Bell – Creating a Bucket List Life.

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To kick off the 2015 episode of Bucket List Life, the podcast is taking a different shape just for today. Normally on Bucket List Life I interview experts and inspirational Bucket Listers from here in Australia and also around the world. But today, to kick off the year I wanted to do the show solo. I wanted to discuss with our loyal listeners the key to integrating a Bucket List into their life plan. How exactly to take action and make sure 2015 becomes the year you achieve and tick some big and exciting things off your Bucket List.
During this episode I discuss:
– The definition of a Bucket List
– Defining your Life Plan – What exactly is a “Life Plan”??
– Planning your year and blocking out time for Bucket List Ticks!!
– The M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T Blueprint
– The benefits of achieving Bucket List items.
– Bucket List public declarations.
– Your “Have To” versus your “Love To” career.
– Creating more “ME TIME” in your week.
Key Moments:
7.15 Using the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T Blueprint to map out your Bucket List
8.30 The first step in actioning your Bucket List
11.00 What achieving a big Bucket List item does to you. Who you become on the other side?
20.00 How can you commit? How can you commit to your 2015 Bucket List items?
21.00 Crazy Steve commits to Standup Comedy Gig!!!
22.00 The strength and power of a public declaration
23.30 Does your business/career create time flow and cash flow for your life?
28.00 How to move from your “Have To” career to your “Love To” career.
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