This 3 month mentoring intensive course covers everything you need to know to become a World Class Speaker! Why not get paid to tell your story and add value to people’s lives!

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“All Speakers Need To Be Motivational Speakers” – Alan Weiss

For the last 4 years, my online persona has been, I am a highly paid Motivational Speaker & Coach. In that time, I’ve been able to travel the world ticking things off my Bucket List, while enjoying the leverage & variety that speaking to groups & running my own events provides. In turn, I have helped 10’s of 1000’s of people change their lives. This is the thing that I am most proud of.

In that time, I’ve had so many people say things like “I’d love to do what you do” or “I’d love to be a speaker too…but in my own way.”

These statements normally lead to questions like “How can I become a speaker?”, “How can I get paid to share my story?”, “Where do I start?” or “How do I get gigs?”

That’s why this program has been created. It’s designed to answer all these questions and basically show you what I’ve done as well as what works & what doesn’t work.

You might be thinking, “Hey Trav, aren’t you going to be coaching your competitors by running this?” The answer is yes & no! See, the fact of the matter is that I am now in a position where I am saying “NO” to some of the gigs that are offered to me. This is becoming more & more.

The Bucket List Guy brand is growing. Therefore, I charge more for my time these days & to be honest, some gigs just don’t fit into my Bucket List Lifestyle! 😉 Plus, I have an abundance mind-set, not a scarcity mind-set. I know there lots of opportunities out there for everyone…& mind you, not everyone out there is good.

I have strictly capped this Mentoring group to only 10 people!

speaker1So, if you have a…

– Rags to riches story,
– Tragedy to triumph story or
– Zero to hero story?

Or if you have…

– Won something,
– Overcome something or
– Achieved something?

Then you need to get your place in this group. I will be sharing all of the speaking industry secrets!

The big question that most people want to know the answer to is…

“Could I get paid to share my story from stage?” & Would my story (or stories) actually motivate people to take action in their lives?” Yes & Yes is the answer. That’s if they were crafted & marketed well & you knew how the business of the speaking industry worked. This is what I am going to teach you!


Join Me & Together Let’s Start Your Journey To Becoming A Speaker!



During this course, I will answer the following questions:

Is a TED Talk on your Bucket List? This course will help you understand what it takes to talk on the TED stage.

– How do I transition into becoming a speaker?
– What do I charge?
– How else can I monetise my message?
– Who’s going to pay me?
– How can I use NLP to really motivate people to take action?
– How do I run a speaking business?
– How do I get gigs?
– What’s the best way to craft my story for maximum impact?
– Has my story & my message got real commercial viability?
– How can I become a better speaker?
– What’s the best way to run my own events?
– How do I stand out?
– What about competitors?

This course will cover:

-Productivity hacking & becoming uber productive
-The 5 extra buckets of money available to you as a speaker
-How to brand you & package your intellectual property (I.P.)
-How to tell your story for maximum impact
-How to create massive take-home value
-How to position yourself & work with Speaker Bureaus
-Presenting in front of the camera
-The art of stage craft (you’ll get direct feedback)
-How to fill your speaking calendar
-Going from Free 2 Fee!
-Becoming an online superhero & rockstar speaker
-The local, national & global opportunity’s available to you
-Difference between Public Speaking & Private Speaking

Plus… (new)…

Participants will get the opportunity to have their keynote presentation filmed and have it assessed for feedback from Trav Bell.

Course participants also gain access to our PRIVATE ONLINE GROUP for continued support whenever required. You remain part of this group even once the 3 month course has finished!

This is a 3 month course & is strictly limited to only 10 people.

The "LIVE" sessions will be held in coastal town Ocean Grove 20 minutes from Geelong.

The “LIVE” sessions will be held in coastal town Ocean Grove 20 minutes from Geelong.

2017 Course Program Breakdown:

-Dates, Times & Price To Be Confirmed.

-Wed April 12th 12pm-1pm
-Wed April 19th 12pm-1pm
-Wed April 26th 12pm-1pm
-Wed May 3rd 12pm-1pm
-Wed May 10th 12pm-1pm
-Wed May 17th 12pm-1pm
-Wed May 24th 12pm-1pm
-Wed May 31st 12pm-1pm
-Wed June 7th 12pm-1pm
-Wed June 14th 12pm-1pm
-Wed June 21st 12pm-1pm
Wed June 28th 12pm-1pm

Note: Due to offering limited spots, if you miss any sessions we can arrange private “catch up” sessions.

Click here to book in a time to have a chat with me personally to discussed any questions, program cost and to see if this is the right course for you!

More About Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy

travTrav Bell’s speaking career started with Trav running his own events / seminars. With these gaining popularity and momentum it wasn’t long before Trav was on the radar of big corporates looking to engage a “Motivational Speaker”.

It is Trav’s unique, straight talking, “Aussie” approach that appealed to many customers looking for a speaker that could bring the energy into the room without the “over-HYPE” that is often associated with American speakers.

Now Trav’s diary is regularly full with corporate keynotes which have replaced the need for him to run his own events. Trav is gaining momentum and notoriety on the world stage now. Trav has spoken in 4 contintents so far & in countries such as Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, USA, Fiji & South Africa. Trav is starting to understand the international market for speakers more & more.


"How To Build A Tribe Around Your Speaking Business"

“How To Build A Tribe Around Your Speaking Business”

Trav’s Speaking Achievements:

  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
  • Past President of PSA for Victoria
  • Past National PSA Board Member
  • PSA Member
  • GSF Member
  • Singapore Member

Trav has presented to the following International Speaker Associations:

  • PSA
  • APSA
  • NZSA


Click here to book in a time to have a chat with me personally to discussed any questions, program cost and to see if this is the right course for you!
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