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Trav Bell
Trav Bell The Bucket List Guy

Hi, I’m TRAV

About 8 years ago someone called me The Bucket List Guy because of all the crazy & interesting things I’d done in my life up until then.

See, from the age of 18, I’ve had a written ‘To Do Before I Die List’. As a 40 (something) year old guy now, Bucket Lists weren’t a thing back then. Thanks to the The Bucket List movie & the popularity of the concept, they certainly are now. It’s a heavily hash-tagged & tweeted global phenomenon.

My list is my reason why I attack life. It has always been my compass. My motivation. It continues to give me purpose & add meaning into my life. Ignorantly, I thought everyone had a written list like me…but apparently not.

Since being named ‘The Bucket List Guy’ (thanks Jo!), I’ve become a globally recognised Thought Leader on the topic; hence why I’ve been crowned ‘The World’s No.1 Bucket List Expert’.

But rather than it be about me & my list, I’ve now dedicated my life to helping others wake-up & live theirs before it’s too late.

It’s not just about a simple list though. It’s more a philosophy for life founded on current positive psychology principles. I’m proud to say that our global tribe of Bucket Listers live with more purpose, meaning & fulfilment.

I continue to spread this idea via my (Keynote Speaking), my (Podcast), my (Blog) & I’ve also ticked ‘Do A (TEDx Talk)’ off my Bucket List too!

My VISION is “To create a purposely happy world” & my MISSION is “To help 10 million people lead purposely happy lives”. Big call…I know! But with the help of my global network of (Certified Bucket List Coaches), we are focused & on track.
Knowing that there’s many more lives to positively impact gets us out of bed in the morning.

Thank you for visiting my website. Have a look around & if there’s any way I can help, let me know by contacting me (here).


  • Advanced Base Camp Mt Everest

  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Be A Model For A Life Drawing Class

  • Complete An Ironman Triathlon

  • Run A Paperless Business

  • Walk The Kokoda Track

  • Ride The Alpe D’Huez In France

  • Visit The Happiest Country On Earth

  • Meet Tim Ferriss

  • Go To The Burning Man Festival

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