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Book Trav To Speak At Your Event

Hiring the right speaker for your event is a very important decision. Apart from the coffee, the speakers you choose can make or break the event! Trav knows the importance of this.

As you’ll see on this page, Trav has worked with a number of global brands & has delivered his signature keynote presentations all over the world. Most importantly, his message has created a positive impact on those organisations, their people lives & to a wider extent, a ripple-effect into their family ecosystem too.

10 Reasons Why Organisations Hire Trav

1. Promotional Support

Trav is extremely grateful for every opportunity he receives. He is also determined to deliver in a big, big way. As soon as you hire Trav to speak, he’s happy to help market & add value to your event however he can.

Trav has done shout-outs through his social media channels, pre-event media, pre-event podcast interviews, promotional videos to drive registrations, attendance & also excitement. If there’s something he can do to make your job easier, your clients happier & your audience more engaged – just ask.

2. Practices What He Preaches

If you follow Trav on social media, namely Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn, you’ll see that he totally lives his message. Feel free to connect with Trav is the socials now if you like. For most, he has an enviable life. Travelling the world, living his Bucket List & helping others to do the same. Sounds pretty cool, right? But, it hasn’t always been that way. Choosing happiness & taking action even when you’re fearful can be incredibly liberating.

Trav says “As a speaker, being congruent to my message is of utmost importance to me. What I say is what I do & what you see is what you get.”

3. Customised Content

Trav loves to create unique experiences when he presents. His stories, metaphors & stats are always being updated & upgraded because Trav is constantly searching for the most current research & is always ticking new adventures off his Bucket List. This is why organisations book Trav again & again as they know they’ll always get something fresh.

4. Extremely Interactive

What sort of a presentation do you think you’re going to get from a person who calls himself ‘The Bucket List Guy’?…exactly! Trav spends just as much time off the stage than he does on the stage.

Trav’s famous for his ability to get & keep audiences engaged. His sessions are highly interactive & lots of fun. Everyone ends up getting involved as Trav’s sessions are more like experiences than seminars. In fact, the longer a session goes, the better it becomes.

5. Receives 5/5 or 10/10 Ratings

Audiences simply love him. He’s often voted as the best speaker at the conference or event when he speaks. He delivers because he understands ‘edutainment’, not death by Powerpoint or by boredom. He is real. He is no B.S. He is funny as hell & his stories will stay with you forever.

6. Massive Take-Aways

Right from the word “Go”, Trav encourages every participant to pay his messages forward. He stresses that each audience member must share what they learn with the people that they love & care about. The ripple-effect is deliberate & long-lasting.

Trav says “Big changes happen in a persons life when they have a really supportive ecosystem around them.”

7. No Rock-Star Mentality

As a reformed ‘seminar junkie’, Trav is forever learning. He loves hanging out at events where possible & learning from other speakers, about the host organisation & their people. If time permits, he’ll watch the other sessions and meet & greet everyone he can. He’ll attend receptions &/or networking sessions that involve your attendees, sponsors & clients. He’ll be there to deliver a High-5 when people walk in for his session & he’s a big fan of selfies!

Most importantly, he’s not one of these fly-in, fly-out, self-important ‘rockstar’ speakers. No need for a green-room, blue M&M’s or special Himalayan water!

8. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

A CSP is a globally recognised speaking designation. To qualify is rigorous. Being qualified as a CSP puts Trav in an elite category of professional speakers. Professionals love dealing with professionals. Event Planners, Conference Organisers, Speaker Bureau Representatives are professionals & they expect their speakers to be of the same caliber. Therefore, Trav is a reliable investment for your event.

9. Event Management Knowledge

Having run his own big public events before, Trav understands the stress involved to make everything go smoothly. He knows what it’s like sell tickets, to put bums on seats & to fill rooms. He understands the logistics around the registration process, running to schedule, good communication, AV teams, ensuring safety, coordinating activities & why the food & coffee is so important! Overall, he understands how to create a good ‘vibe’.

Trav jokes, “I’ve been known to channel my inner ‘Roadie’ at some of the events I’ve spoken at just to make things go nice & smooth. I can remember actually borrowing the gaffer-tape off someone at one event I spoke at to secure an unruly carpet square!”

10. Rebookings

Trav has a lot to share beyond his signature Bucket List talk. When you hear Trav present, you’ll immediately start to comprehend the depth of his thought leadership. It’s an inch wide & a mile deep. From his 18min TEDx talk to his 2 week Macchu Picchu Retreat, there’s no doubt that Trav has the content to deliver while keeping focus on his central Bucket List life engagement message.

Adding to his thought leadership is his deeply inspirational stories, breathtaking visuals & his thought-provoking take-aways. This is why organisations commonly ask “what else can you give us?” Many organisations have rebooked Trav to speak over the years & report that their experiences have been as great as their first.

If you’re from an organisation that has hired Trav before & have that question, then please (inquire here) or if you are a first-timer & you’d like to discuss your needs with Trav, then book a time (here) or email him directly on trav to line up a time to speak.










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