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Due to the time demands of his Speaking & Events calendar, Trav Bell chooses to only Coach a select number of 1:1 clients. The clients who he does work with are pre-screened before a Coaching relationship is agreed upon to ensure the right fit for both.

Trav has been described as ‘infectiously motivating’. But, what really makes Trav Bell one of the world’s best Coaches is his obsessive ability to get results for his clients & how accountable he helps people become. Before becoming a Coach, Trav spent 20+ years in the personal training industry building a franchise network of personal training studios & motivating 10’s of 1000’s of clients. (See Speaking page for more on this).

Trav has been there & done that! This is what makes him unique. Having always worked for himself, he has started, built & sold multiple businesses and has experience in owning online businesses as well as traditional bricks & mortar businesses. Trav doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach with his 1:1 Coaching. He has not learned how to Coach by buying a coaching business in a box. He brings his experience as well as the insights & learnings from the many clients he has helped to the table when he coaches.

He knows that everyone is unique & has individual challenges to go to the next level in their lives. He helps people go to the next level in their Relationships, Health, Wealth & Business or Career. Along the way, his clients become better Leaders in their lives because of the Mind-Set skills that he helps his clients develop along the way.

As both a Life Coach & Business Coach, Trav has always been curious about the psychology of success & the difference that makes the difference in a persons life. Trav’s mission is to help people be the best ‘them that they can be. Whether it’s Coaching a room full of people in one of his Events or Keynotes or as a 1:1 client, he has exactly the same outcomes in mind. That is, to help people lead the most happy & fulfilled life possible.

If you want to fast-track your results in life to lead a happier & more fulfilled life, then you enquire here.


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