Ep.61: Sarah Davis – Attempting To Be The First Female To Paddle The Nile

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On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Sarah Davis. Sarah will soon attempt to become the first female to “Paddle The Nile”. Sarah’s day job is in risk management, and it is fair to say there is a significant amount of risk involved in this ultimate challenge. This challenge will see Sarah paddle 7000kms and raise some much needed the CARE Foundation. To attempt to become the “FIRST” to do something in the world is on my own personal Bucket List, so I am fully intrigued as to what it takes. Sarah is already a legend in my view just by putting this challenge in action. I am sure you will enjoy this episode.

During this episode we discuss:

– What made Sarah put this on her Bucket List
– Why the Nile? Is it just because it is the longest river?
– What risks are involved.
– The training schedule.
– Juggling work, training and event promotion.
– Potential hurdles.
– The dangers of the Nile including the wildlife.
– Raising money for CARE

Key Moments:

[5.30] Why Sarah chose to put this Ultimate Challenge on her Bucket List.
[8.20] Who inspired Sarah to want to become the “FIRST” to do something.
[9.30] When Sarah first started to write down her Bucket List.
[10.30] Why Sarah chose the Nile River.
[13.20] Dealing with the risk involved in paddling through some of the African countries.
[15.15] What training Sarah is doing to ensure she will be ready for her Nile Challenge.
[17.15] How Sarah balances work and training, and the financial aspect.
[22.00] Crocodiles, hippos and other wildlife dangers!!
[29.40] Sarah’s chosen charity CARE and how we can help.

Mentioned in this podcast:

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The White Nile
The Blue Nile
John Goddard
Mark Tanner
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Helen Skelton
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