Episode 50: Gordon Jenkins – The Visible Guy

On the Bucket List Life Podcast today is Gordon Jenkins. Gordon is the “Visible Guy”. Gordon has recently graduated from my Speaker Mentoring Course where I help speakers and future speakers refine their craft and identify their true message and the best way to deliver it. I help speakers commercialise their message. During the course we came up with the speaker name “The Visible Guy”. Gordon has faced many challenges, some life and death situations. He has ended up in the strangest of places such as a South Asian jungle instead of the Australian Outback. He is proof that no matter how bad your circumstances seem at the time, you are in control of your destiny. During our time on this planet each of our hearts will beat around 672,800,000 times. Gordon
has already used 50% of his heartbeats. He will not waste another heartbeat. I hope you enjoy it!!