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About Me As Your Speaker Mentor

I’ve been able to globally commercialise my online persona as The Bucket List Guy at a staggering trajectory, thanks to professional speaking.

Along the journey, people started to ask me “I’d love to do what you do, but in my own way. Can you help?” And, “I’ve got a message inside of me that I want to help people with. Can you show me how?” I’m an educator at heart and I love paying what I’ve learned forward, so of course, the answer was always “Yes”.

I started coaching speakers. I began to mentor up-and-coming and seasoned professional speakers. And as a result, I helped tens of thousands of people live their Bucket Lists and lead more fulfilling lives. This is what I am most proud of.

But as requests grew and knowing that my one-on-one time was limited, I transitioned to group mentoring. Now, I get to help more people scratch their ‘speaking itch’ and get paid to share their message.

I see opportunity everywhere for good speakers. There are some great speakers out there and some not-so-great ones, and I’ve shared the stage with a lot of them. I’ve spoken on five of the seven continents thus far. I’m a past president of Professional Speakers Australia (Victoria). I’ve spoken at the annual New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Australian professional speaker’s conferences. And, yes, speaking to speakers is always a tough gig!

From being a TEDx speaker to running my own retreats, I know how the speaker world works. I see what and who is hot, as well as what & who is not in the Keynote space. Most importantly, I pinpoint gaps for those of you who are willing to step up.

What started as the Speaker Mentoring Program has grown to include Speaker Camp Live and our Speaker Alumni. Click through to see these programs.

I love helping people become professional speakers. I believe there’s nothing better than seeing the world, speaking from your heart, helping others and getting paid well for it.


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