Podcast 001 – Trav chats with Bucket List Team Mate Trav Beckley

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Bucket List Life Podcast Episode 1

In episode 1 of Bucket List Life Podcast Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy chats with Trav Beckley.

Trav Beckley (or T2 as he is known) has worked with me for over 10 years since his Personal Training days.

Trav started off as a Personal Training employee in one of my franchised PT studios in Richmond in Victoria. From there he worked his way up to manager of the studio, then to my Franchise Corporation Head Office as the operations manager.

Trav and I have worked together now for over 10 years and Trav is heavily invested in The Bucket List Guy business now and believes 100% in the “Life’s Way Too Short” ethos.

Being the first episode of the Bucket List Life Podcast I thought I would introduce everyone to my team mate in this Bucket List business and possibly even find out what’s on his Bucket List.


During this podcast we discuss:

– What’s on Trav Beckley’s Bucket List
– Global Bucket Listers and the upcoming release of the Online Portal.
– Global Bucket Lister achievements from within the community. People are doing some awesome stuff!
– Trav’s upcoming trip to Kokoda with 10 other Bucket Listers
– The benefit of accountability and ongoing support and motivation.
– What exactly is Life Hacking?
– The power of  public declaration
– The Bucket List Xperience.


Key Moments:

9.00min – A little summary of the launch of Global Bucket Listers.

12.00min – Introduction of Trav Beckley… basically, “who is this bloke?”

14.00min – Trav Beckley’s Reverse Bucket List

16.53min – Trav Beckley’s Bucket List

20.00min – Bucket List Update (what’s coming up for Bucket Listers!)

21.10min – What is hacking? How do we hack areas of our life?

23.20min – How publicly declaring your goals/Bucket List can make it happen faster!

28.30min – Off to Kokoda to walk the Kokoda Track with some other Bucket Listers.

30.42min – Details about the next Bucket List Xperience!


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