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Recently I have experienced staying at the Palace in Sun City in South Africa where I had the honor of speaking at the Action Coach global conference. What an incredible hotel and mind blowing 5-star resort that is only about a 2.5-hour drive from Johannesburg.
I am eternally grateful for being an International Certified Speaker. Not only is the dollar per hour exceptional, and the fact that I absolutely love what I do – helping so many people globally by ‘waking them up“, but I also get to cross some really cool things off my personal Bucket List too! 🙂

The world’s Fastest Zip Slide
– Speeds up to 160 k/h (100 mph) with an average speed of 120 k/h (75 mph)
– Highest ever recorded speed 185k/h
– 2 kilometers of adrenaline filled fun
– Operating since 2004 with a 100% safety record
– Operating inside the famous Sun City complex

Experiencing the world’s fastest Zip Line at Sun City in South Africa was such an incredible adrenaline rush. It was opened in 2004 and held the title for 6 consecutive years of the world’s longest, highest and fastest zip line. It still hold’s the title for the world’s fastest zip line and has an impeccable safety record also! Having an average speed of 120 km/hour and can reach speeds of up to 160 km/hour. We were given the option of filming our experience with my iPhone. The conclusion of not wanting to risk dropping my phone at such speed over the African desert did not come without a lot of discussions. Especially knowing that all things that are touristy would finish off with that dreaded proposal of…buy the video, photo’s, and hey maybe even the “I did it” T- shirt. Even though it’s not captured on film, I am sure you can tell by my photo’s how much we loved it, for me, I just felt so free. I felt like I was literally flying and this is the closest feeling I’ve had thus far, as I have never wind suited ……yet…. 😉
Check out the link and definitely add this to your Bucket List under the category that best suits you, this was under my “Conquer a Fear” category…. TICK!


Zip Line South Africa

If you want the World’s longest Zip Line which was only opened earlier this year, located in Puerto Rico you can check the details out here.

For all my adrenaline Bucket Lister’s around the globe, check out the link below for “ The 10 most extreme zip lines in the world” Sun City in South Africa came in at number 2… YEEEW.

Zip Line 2

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